Message from the President 2023-24

Thank you for your vote of confidence in me to lead MAMCOAANA this year as your president and host for our next convention coming up in July 2024.

We are recovering from the pandemic as it had led to cancellations of our annual conventions for 2020 and 2021. Subsequently the 2022 convention was hosted by Dr.Rajesh Malik and Dr. Pooja Malik in Atlantic City, New Jersey and then Drs Ashish and Monica Dua in Pittsburgh in 2023. The evening, dinners and dancing was very enjoyable in each of these meetings: We all will remember the river cruise and the lovely music in downtown Pittsburgh. The CME lectures, as always, were lively and thought-provoking.

I myself, owe a lot to this organization and its members. From interviewing for residency positions, traveling to different hospitals and staying with them, I am indebted to my friends from MAMC . Even professionally as a Nephrologist it has been very satisfying to stay connected with MAMC colleagues.

Friends, the Harvard study on health and aging states that “Good genes are nice, but joy is better”. We know that strong friendships, and relationships are crucial for good health and life. At MAMCOAANA we are a family and not
only do we have a shared Alma mater, but we have a shared cultural heritage, and a strong sense of belonging.

Many years ago I had attended the MAMCOAANA convention after becoming a lifetime member. Every time I attend, I feel reconnecting to my roots. The DNA gets rejuvenated and I find the meeting very uplifting. Every MAMCOAANA convention is just pure pleasure to attend.

Therefore, it is very important to take a few days off for the meeting to recharge and go back healthier and stronger to take care of our families and patients. Indeed, it is remarkable how many of us are doing amazing things. From leading institutions, departments and training residency and fellowship programs to running successful practices and companies while helping so many communities and human beings get healthier as well as helping their families.

It is heartening to see, MAMC graduates staying connected with each other through the various vigorous WhatsApp groups. The annual convention is a culmination of everybody’s efforts to stay connected. I would urge
everyone to make every effort to attend the 2024 annual convention.

I want MAMCOAANA to be a thriving organization which would exist in perpetuity.

One of the initiatives I would like to increase the social media outreach of the MAMCOAANA. This is crucial as we need to engage with MAMC graduates within the last 20 years. While we do have social media handles it would be wonderful to have our savvy younger colleagues come forward to take charge of our social media presence for their like minded generation.

We would also like to continue our philanthropic efforts to help our Alma mater MAMC and its graduates who are coming to North America as they are the future of this organization.

Additional details regarding the 38th annual convention for August 2024 in Philadelphia/Wilmington are on our Annual Meeting page. Please save the date for August 8-10 and apply for your vacation. Our strength is in numbers and we hope to see everybody there. Also, graduates of LHMC and UCMS are welcome to attend. Please spread the word.

Best wishes,
Manish Garg, MD, FASN, FACP


Fellow Maulanians,

The new year has started and we are moving quickly through the cold winter months. Looking forward to an early spring and a bright summer in the city of Pittsburgh, the venue for our annual MAMCOAANA meeting.

We, the Pittsburgh planning committee has made it our mission to assemble you together under one roof. There has been plenty of activity on our WhatsApp groups and it would be fitting to carry on these riveting discussions in person.
It also would be an opportunity to discern what the city of Pittsburgh has to offer.

Our venue Sheraton hotel is in the heart of iconic station square Station Square.

It sits across from the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela and the Ohio rivers. Our Friday evening will be spent on the Gateway Clipper cruising blissfully across these three rivers. There are plenty of local attractions from our venue.

Indulge yourself in riding one of the original 1877 cable cars on a 400 foot incline to the top of mount Washington with majestic views of the city. Duquesne Incline.

Hop across the river to the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers at the old Heinz field or take the kids to the world famous Carnegie science center.

Up ahead to the right across the Mon river are the corporate headquarters of the two health care giants. UPMC and Highmark are the tallest buildings in the downtown area.

The surrounding area has been revamped with some of the finest restaurants and premier shops. The area boasts of some of the exceptional centers of performing arts. Heinz hall owned by the Pittsburgh symphony and The Benedum center.

The world-famous Carnegie museums belong to the city of Pittsburgh including The Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museum of art, Carnegie Museum of natural history and the science center.

Oakland area of Pittsburgh houses the university of Pittsburgh and the eminent Carnegie Mellon university.

Cathedral of learning commissioned in 1921 by Pitt chancellor stands tall at 535 feet and is the second tallest academic building in the world. It houses classrooms for the students of Pitt and the world-renowned nationality rooms.

Phipps conservatory and botanical gardens is a Pittsburgh historic landmark listed in the national register of historic places built in 1893.

For those who would like to venture out east of Pittsburgh, there is the famous Fallingwater house designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 in the Laurel Highlands of southwest Pennsylvania built partly over a waterfall.

Clearly Pittsburgh has a lot to offer and sightseeing aside , opportunity to meet some old friends and make new ones will be treasured forever

It will be an honor to host you at our 37th annual MAMCOAANA convention from July 27-30th, 2023.

Pittsburgh MAMCOAANA committee

37th Annual Convention

Dear fellow Maulanians,

It gives me great pleasure to host the 37th annual MAMCOAANA convention in Pittsburgh next year.

Dr. Rajesh and Pooja Malik had organized a wonderful convention at the Hard Rock Cafe and hotel, Atlantic City in July 2022. The opportunity to meet everybody after the hiatus of 2 years can only be described as pure joy and relief. The CME lectures by our distinguished MAMC alumni were invigorating and thought provoking. The Evenings were fun filled with a Bollywood themed party on Friday and foot tapping music and dance on Saturday. We even had Yoga and exciting salsa lessons. The after party went into the wee hours of the morning just like the good old days.

We are inspired to recreate this magic next year and build new memories.

We are fortunate to have a large MAMC family in our region and it gave us great pleasure to get together recently. This was a Mini MAMCOAANA event and all of us are looking forward to welcoming you to Pittsburgh next year.

We will be updating the website with news, brochures and planned CME programs over the coming months.

Looking forward to seeing you next year!

Venue and dates:
Sheraton Station Square
July 27-30th 2023

Aashish Dua (88 batch)

President’s Message

Dear Maulanians in North America

I am humbled by the trusted vote of confidence from all of you, to lead MAMCOAANA as your president again for the year 2021-2022. We share a common goal to remain connected and involved in mutual growth at personal and organizational level and I hope to further that for us, and our families.

Last two years have been very stressful by all means for every human being in this world with a pandemic of this magnitude. We all have lost a lot in these two long years. As you may recall, in 2020 the Atlantic City annual convention had to be cancelled. And then, again this year in 2021, the Pittsburgh annual convention being arranged by Dr. Ashish Dua had to be cancelled as well. As we can see hope of some normalcy coming into our lives in the next few months, we start preparations for our annual convention 2022, to be held at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City.

The value of family, friends and colleagues have been revitalized in these trying times. We all shall continue to meet and support each other in these times, and beyond.

Talking about the MAMCOAANA family, I still vividly recall the month of November/December 1996, when I landed in JFK for my interviews for residency. I had no place to go in NY, and had no idea how I would manage once I landed at the airport. Alone and rather short on ideas and money, I was helped that day by a Maulanian who had come to the airport to pick up some other person. Thereafter I met many Maulanians during the course of my residency who helped me at every step. After my residency, I had to go back to India because I couldn’t find a J1-waiver in time, and again I was subsequently rescued by a Maulanian in processing my subsequent visa and work status to be in the United States. A senior Maulanian from Melbourne, Florida was one such instrumental in my journey to work and live in this land of dreams called the USA. I am sure many of us can relate to my struggles, experiences. And it is to you – the Maulanians out there – that I owe some of my story and achievements. Thank you!

After coming back to the USA in October 2002, like so many of us, I got busy with just living my life, finding my place to place my roots, build a home, have a family and start a private practice.

I recall attending my very first MAMCOAANA in Philadelphia 2011, hosted by Dr. Vikas Khurana, and his wife Dr. Ritu Khurana. Being able to meet so many people we knew and then a lot more who I met for the first time was indescribable. It gave a sense of friendship, home and warmth that nothing can equal. Over the years it now feels like a family reunion that I love attending with my wife and daughters every year.

Becoming a lifetime member of MAMCOAANA seemed to seal this connection of family and friendship – a commitment from me to my MAMC brotherhood, and a commitment from MAMCOAANA to me for forever warmth.

I urge each one of you to consider becoming life members of MAMCOAANA. Your membership fee allows the organization to stay alive for future Maulanians so they may find a similar platform for themselves when they are ready to re-establish the bonds they left behind in their alma mater. As in the past few years, we are reducing life membership rates until the end of 2021 again.

I personally invite all Maulanians, with family, to the 38th annual convention in Hard Rock Hotel, Atlantic City from July 28 to 31, 2022. Cyber connections via social media aside, there is nothing quite like the old fashioned, yet never out of fashion, face to face interaction. We have come a long way from where we started 38 years ago as an organization, and with the hard work done by our predecessors; we have a sound framework to be able to enjoy the exceptional CME, great entertainment and the priceless ‘gupshup’ that is forever rejuvenating like nothing else is.

Life membership enrollments are open already. Stay tuned for updates and convention registrations for Atlantic City, NJ 2022, on


Rajesh Malik, MD ( batch of 1990)

2020-21 President’s Message

Dear Fellow Maulanians,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the Annual MAMCOAANA convention to be held in Pittsburgh next year. This has been a very difficult year for all of us amid the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to thank Dr. Rajesh Malik for putting in extraordinary effort in trying to organize the 2020 convention amid such trying circumstances.

We as health care workers have been at the front lines during this crisis . We have all made tremendous sacrifice and put our patients first in these unprecedented times. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the service that you are providing in these difficult times.

I would like to offer you all a ray of hope for the next year as we approach 2021. We look forward to celebrate, share stories of anguish and victory and just be together at our annual MAMCOAANA convention 2021.

My wife Monica is a graduate of MAMC 88 batch like me. We have been fortunate to be a part of this extended MAMC family and have attended some amazing conventions over the last few years.

We are looking forward to the year 2021 as a fresh start to this annual reunion and promise to deliver a safe yet fun packed convention. We would like you all to join us for our 37th annual MAMCOAANA Convention

Venue – Sheraton Hotel Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA
Dates – Aug 5th – Aug 8th, 2021

Aashish Dua

2020 Convention Cancelled

Dear Maulanians,

Due to the current COVID19 pandemic situation, the Executive committee has unanimously decided to cancel the 2020 MAMCOAANA Atlantic City NJ convention.

Tentatively, the Atlantic City NJ event will now happen in 2022. The Pittsburgh PA convention for 2021 remains on schedule. All the registrants who have already paid the registration fee, will be reimbursed the full amount shortly.

Registration for the 2021 MAMCOAANA convention will be announced by Dr Ashish Dua.

While the medical community is busy fighting this pandemic with its full might, we want you to be-safe and stay-healthy.

– Rajesh Malik

2019-20 President’s Message

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Atlantic City, NJ for the 36th MAMCOAANA convention in 2020.

After having great convention in Chicago organized by Drs. Manjari & Sunil Malkani in 2019, we are ready to invite you to continue the experience in a totally energetic and happening oceanfront property. Dr Bharti Khurana will be conducting incredible CME session, as she has done in past several years.

I personally have been very motivated by the MACOAANA conventions as an event in our life where I can meet the batchmates and other alumni from medical college days. Its more of a family event we look forward to each year, to go to another city/location and enjoy the top-level CME activities while enjoying with friends and their families. I am sure that this a mutual feeling among all the participants.

It’s a great way for networking as well. We reconnect with the friends from MAMC days (1990-1995) and make new friendships with many more alumni from MAMC and their families.

My wife Pooja, who graduated from GMC Nagpur in 1998, has become a MAMC’ite-by-marriage and enjoys the conventions very much. I recall when I went to her 20 yr reunion in Nagpur, her batchmates made me feel as if I was their batchmate too. The feelings are mutual. The spouses and family of Maulanians makes the MAMCOAANA family strong and complete. We invite LHMC and UCMS alumni to join the convention too.

My four daughters enjoy the conventions since some of the kids have become their regular friends as well. They enjoy knowing the new places and look forward to the meeting every year.

I would like to continue the tradition of this Annual convention by inviting Alumni to join us at —

Location: Hard Rock Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, NJ
Dates: Thursday July 30th through Sunday August 2nd, 2020

We are planning an exciting event with musical evening, gup-shup, beach events, the Gala night, CME events and more…

Get ready to Rock n Roll.

Save the date and make travel plans to 36th MAMCOAANA convention.

2018-19 President’s Message

Dear Friends,

The 2018 MAMCOAANA Convention was a big success thanks to great efforts by Dr Sonali and Dr Vivek Mishra. They have given us a great experience and Dr Bharti Khurana conducted an incredible CME Meeting.

I will never forget these moments of learning, joy and celebration with my Classmates -some of whom I met after 24 years. I am sure all participants share these feelings. What a great event for networking!

Our Annual meeting with the Alumni is something special. Days and nights spent at MAMC (1989 -1994) created friendships that have become strong and lasted a lifetime. Besides renewing the past bonds – I find that we make new friends and discover fresh connections with our Alumni.

My wife Manjari graduated from LHMC in 1996. With us attending MAMCOAANA she has also renewed old friendships and made new contacts with Hardinge Alumni. We are delighted to invite LHMC Alumni to attend next year’s meeting as well.

The World is really a small place as long as we are willing to open our arms and get to know each other. I feel that in all of us there is a perpetual longing to reunite with our roots.

MAMCOAANA is becoming a steadily growing family that welcomes new members every year. I encourage young graduates as well as those who have been on the fence to become life members this year.

I would like to continue the tradition of this Annual convention by inviting Alumni to join us at —


Dates – Thursday July 25 to Sunday July 28, 2019.
Hotel – Swissotel, Chicago

We are in the process of creating a great program (includes Family fun time at the Beach, Musical Evening, Gupshup, Shayari, Tennis Tournament, Gala dinner).

Get ready to have a blast.

Save the dates and make travel plans to Chicago – July 25 to 28th, 2019

2017-18 President’s Message

As I embark on the next phase of my association with MAMCOAANA, as the president for year 2017-2018, I have a sense of responsibility and pleasure in welcoming you all to Chicago next year. The recently concluded convention under Dr. Tarang and Tony Sharma, was great fun,very well organized,  and I hope to recreate some of that fun next year, when we meet again.

It has been 30 years since I joined MAMC and 18 years in Chicagoland, my adopted hometown after Delhi. There has never been a day, when my identity as a Maulanian is lost on me. My first MAMCOAANA meeting was in Chicago, held under Dr Gupta. I got hooked on to it, and since that time, I have attended most of the conventions and have enjoyed every moment of my association.

In this day and age of Whatsap and Facebook, the question arises- what is the purpose of our existence ?  My answer to that is simple – Human touch. Having whatsap group for individual joining years is great, but it pales in comparison to the emotional connection that we make at the convention and fun that we have as MAMC family, irrespective of our joining years when we meet.

Next years’s agenda is already made up with a boat cruise in Lake Michigan on Friday and the Gala on Saturday. Chicago is an amazing city in summer. So get your bags packing and book your tickets for July 26th, Thursday to July 29th Sunday, 2018.

See you there.